Thursday, June 7, 2012

Designer Blazers For Women - Buying Guide

Do you just LOVE Ralph Lauren Blazers? How about Claiborne, BCBG, Talbots and Ann Taylor blazers?

Now... How would you like to purchase these designer blazers for 60 -75% off retail? No, it's not a joke. I have done it countless times! Brand new or like new designer blazers for a fraction of the retail price. I can show you how to find them online. Finding cheap designer clothes online can be an exhausting chore. Finding QUALITY, secondhand, cheap designer clothes online.. Well, let's just say.. Thank God that you just met an expert!

I have three simple, to the point, mandatory rules that will guarantee success in finding those awesome designer blazers at the rock bottom, online prices that you desire.

RULE 1: By all means, DO NOT pay more than 60-75% off retail!

Why not? Because, you don't have to... There are many secondhand designer boutiques that sell their items at unbelievably low prices. Unfortunately, there are many more that sell their secondhand designer clothes closer to 25% off retail. We have done the research for you and found the average price of the most popular designer blazers. This will help you determine if the cheap designer clothes that you find on line are truly cheap enough!

Ralph Lauren blazer: $210.00
BCBG blazer: $220.00
Claiborne blazer: $90.00
Talbots blazer: $185.00
Ann Taylor blazer: $195.00

RULE 2: The Mannequins rule for finding quality cheap designer clothes online

OK...I know this rule sounds a little silly. However, this is where professionalism and appearance tells the big picture about a secondhand online thrift store. You'll want to shop at a secondhand designer online store where the web owners run a serious business. There are way too many cheap designer clothes stores running their "business" like a hobby. If the web owners have a secondhand designer store as a hobby, they will sell their old clothes and the clothes of friends and family.

Therefore, your options will be limited and your quality questionable. However, a serious business will have experienced buyers that go to thrift stores and outlets in search of the highest quality designer items and these buyers know how to find the bare bones, lowest prices. The savings that these buyers acquire will be passed on to you! Therefore, for the highest quality and best online prices, only deal with serious web owners. Now...What is the quickest and most accurate way to distinguish a hobbyist versus a serious business? Yep, you guessed it. Mannequins!! Mannequins are costly and only a serious web owner will make this investment.

RULE 3: Don't trust them if they don't trust themselves.

Check their refund policy. Only deal with an online store that has a 100% Total Refund for any unhappy customer, for any reason. Think about it... Would an online store selling low quality items have this type of refund policy? No way! They'd lose money daily shipping back all of their flawed merchandise.

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