Sunday, June 3, 2012

Navy Blazers For Womens

Navy Blazers For Womens

A women's blazer is a classic timeless style jacket that has a clean silhouette. This is definitely a staple every women should have in his closet. Blazers come in two styles, single or double breasted. The have usually 1-2 vents in the back for ease of movement. Navy is the perfect colour for blazer. The details in this blazer will give you a perfect nautical style. It will give you a look and style of sailing enthusiast.

Women's blazers come in a variety of colour options. The all important navy blazer will give you a preppy or nautical look. Pair this blazer with just about any colour pant. Navy blazers help you achieve a more dressed up look, but you can also wear this colour everyday to the office. This blazer works well with navy or black pants.

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